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On the Road with A Tennesee Lighting Company
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Choosing an experienced lighting designer and sales team is invaluable in helping you accomplish your goals, be it a theater, church, school, or any other facility. Also, choosing a company with multiple brand associations offers you much greater flexibility across the board than a company that only offers a few brands. That would include everything from soft goods to rigging, dimmers, control systems, traditional Incandescent and LED lighting products to truss, hoists and cabling systems and any accessory you can imagine. A Tennessee Lighting Co., Inc. represents a very broad range of manufacturers and has experience with them all. We also build custom cable assemblies to accommodate virtually anything in the lighting world.

Stage lighting has pretty much always been a "you get what you pay for" investment. The better the quality of the product, the more likely you are to succeed with your lighting application which includes longer service life and maximum flexibility. Saying that doesn't necessarily mean "the more it costs the better it is". But, we do strongly believe in using the best quality product that can possibly fit into your budget. One of our company's goals is to inform our customers of the pros and cons of everything we offer.

As Heath Claiborne, owner of the historical Capitol Theater of Maryville says,

"Quality and integrity are words businesses too often use very casually. You can expect
A Tennessee Lighting, Inc. to take one approach ... "Do it once and do it right!"

Kenyon Patterson

Ken Patterson has been in the lighting business since 1977 and has seen tremendous changes in that time. Ken says , "I've been a part of many of those changes. I've designed lighting and rigging systems for shows big and small and from touring to permanent installations in theaters, churches, schools and more".

With energy costs what they are today LED seems the best fit all around for just about any and all lighting applications. There are so many manufacturers of LED products these days, it can be confusing deciding which product to go with. Tennessee Lighting represents most of the LED manufacturers in the industry, and we believe that we will provide the perfect LED lighting solutions for any application.

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