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Capitol Theater, Maryville, TN

The Capitol Theater in downtown Maryville, Tennessee, is a grandiose historic building that started out as a live music event venue, but has evolved to much more. Although in a relatively small town, it is full of old theater mystique including ornate woodwork and fine finishings that characterize buildings of its era. It was, and still is, a lighting designer’s dream. Although not a huge space, it has high ceilings and a great stage area complete with thrust, beautiful accommodations for a large Bi-Part front main curtain and ornate side stage areas. It is full of “things” to highlight with lighting. Our first and only choice for lighting was all LED. LED offers an infinite variety of colors available at the touch of a button, low energy consumption, lack of heat in the light beam, no lamp replacement costs and extremely long life. The Capitol Theater is energy efficient, infinitely creative, and totally computerized.

For the main room, A Tennessee Lighting designed a 25-ft S-shaped front truss immediately downstage of the proscenium opening for front light, with 35ft of S truss over the dance floor and into the audience and included more traditional pipe battens over the stage for borders and back lighting. The trusses are loaded with high powered LED moving head fixtures from Chauvet. They are extremely bright and have proven infinitely reliable. The movers offer total freedom for lighting anything the operator desires. We chose LED for house lighting as well. Everything is controlled by a single console with distributed DMX throughout the building via two (2) DMX universes.

The theater specializes in space for weddings, wedding parties, class reunions, and just about any type of gathering you can imagine. With LED, the owners can provide specific highlight colors for any special occasion event, and with their movers, they can direct all the attention desired to any specific person or area.

This custom lighting design allows the owners carte blanche when showcasing the vintage ambiance of this beautiful historic theater.

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