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Theatre Knoxville Downtown

Theatre Knoxville Downtown is the longest continuously operating, non-academic theater in Knoxville. Originally known as “Knoxville Community Theatre,” Theatre Knoxville was chartered in March 1976 as part of a downtown development program. The theatre performed in a variety of venues for decades before finding a permanent home at 319 N. Gay Street in 2005. TKD is a 100% volunteer organization, with no paid staff. TKD depends entirely on the generosity of patrons, supporters, and benefactors to produce high-quality plays on a consistent and sustained basis.

In 2012, TKD launched a Kickstarter fundraising campaign to replace its primitive lighting with real stage lighting, including dimmers, a ceiling grid with electrical raceways, and a programmable light board. A Tennessee Lighting Company designed the new system, supplied the dimmers, raceways, and grid components, and oversaw the installation. Despite the project’s shoestring budget, the end result was a dramatic improvement in the theater’s ability to deliver entertaining and compelling productions.

Ken Patterson was key to pulling this project off, serving not just as a vendor, but as a partner totally committed to our success. He helped us achieve amazing results with very limited financial resources.

Joe Jaynes

Board Member, Theatre Knoxville Downtown

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